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Pioneer humanity’s new space age.

Unity & Spaceport

Spaceflight has the unique ability to shift our perspectives, our technology, and even our trajectory as a species.

As the spaceline for Earth, our mission is to transform access to space for the benefit of humankind; to reveal the wonder of space to more people than ever before.

Join us, and help pioneer this exciting new space age for humanity.

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Find your space in history.

Fewer than 700 humans have ever experienced space. As a Virgin Galactic astronaut, your journey marks the dawn of a new space age, where leaving Earth’s atmosphere is an experience no longer reserved solely for professional astronauts.

From the moment you join our global community of pioneering adventurers, to the day you earn your astronaut wings, to the years of telling the greatest story off Earth, your spaceflight can change the world for good.

“Taking more and more passengers out into space will enable them, and us, to look both outwards and back, but with a fresh perspective in both directions.”

—Professor Stephen Hawking